History of PH Liquid - The up-to-date Meat Industry

1964 - 1984 : Incorporation and R&D work. Cooperation with international groups for meat processing of buffer systems and buffer films, in particular for the export of fresh carcasses.
1985 - 2005 : Further research and product development and improvement with adjustment to the international standards relating to the addition of legally permitted additives.
2006 - 2018 : Development of Bufferglucose Clean label and marketing aimed at healthier and safer meat processing systems, less E-numbers, minimal residual nitrite (KNO2) and reduction of sodium chloride by 30%.
2018 - 2020 : Bufferglucose Clean Label (BCL) and Bufferglucose Clean free from all E-numbers
have the same composition : glucose/fructose syrup, natural aroma, natural fruit-, plant- and herbal extracts, salt.
30% of the global meat processing is for fresh minced (pure muscle) meat, globaly used for different types of hamburgers, sausages, all types of minced meat, completely processed with natural products!
70% of the global meat processing is for heated products such cooked hams, liver products, salami products and cured bacon products. This with our improved Bufferliquid Extract.
The composition of Bufferliquid Extract : Fructose/glucose syrup, distilled water, lactic acid E 270, citric acid E 330, ascorbic acid E 300, sodium ascorbate E301, Sodium Lactate E 325, caramel E 150c, natural herbal oil extracts.