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PH Liquid:
Buffersystems in the world meat product industry.

PH Liquid:
A household word in the world meat product industry.

A very important factor in the meat product industry are Buffersystems


PH LIQUID BELGIUM NV - Together with their associated plants in the meat industry - have 50 years' practical experience in buffering prepared meat products such as salami, cooked ham and canned ham, cooked salami of the South American type, curing products, cooked sausages and liver preparations.
They were the first worldwide to introduce a preserving system for freshly killed beef carcasses intended for exportation.

How to prepare the right buffer system for all these products?
Very simple, by adding the correct combination of additives such as PH LIQUID and BUFFERPHOSPHATE 60152 or 60151.
These will furnish a suitable and reliable buffer system for any preparation,based on our,

50 Years' of practical experience


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