PH Liquid System

Buffered line-production for salami product
Improved quality with PH Liquid Extract 601 or 60148


By adding PH Liquid Extract 601 or 60148 and Bufferphosphaat 60152 the ideal buffer can be obtained within 36 hours. pH Value from 5.1 tot 5.2.
This more rapid drop in the pH value makes the salami structurally stronger and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, whilst the lactobacilli can develop to full potential giving the product a more even colour.
The micrococci ensure an even breakdown of the nitrate and combine with the organic acids in PH Liquid Extract to prevent the fatty acids from turning rancid (yellowish discoloration of the fat). The 25 flavourings give the salami products their individual odour and taste.

Eight reasons for using PH Liquid Extract 601.

  • a buffered pH value : 5.1 tot 5.2
  • more rapid and stable coloration of the meat
  • smooth and sliceable surface
  • fuller development of flavour
  • protection against rancidness
  • more stable and whiter specs of fat
  • longer shelf-life
  • better binding when using cellulose skins (skin does not separate from product).


Reasons for this benefits:

  • use of PH Liquid Extract 601 or 60148
  • phosphates
  • starter cultures
  • the ph value of beef and pork ingredients should be less than 5.7
  • 2.2 % nitrite salt + 0.8 g of ordinary cooking salt
  • 0.3 % PH Liquid extract 601 or 60148
  • 0.3 % Phosphatemix 60152 / 150 a 300 gram MAX.
  • starter cultures according own calculation
  • 1.5 % premix proteins (sodium caseinate and soya isolates)
  • 0.6 % premix sugars
  • 0.3 % premix herbs
  • ripening temperature at least 20° C and no higher than 23° C
    smoking temerature at least 20° C and no higher than 25° C
  • store at between 15 and 17° C
  • stick to the normal level of humidity and follow the applicable rules of the trade.


Composition for curing system of salamies.

35 kg frozen pork meat (as usual)
35 kg frozen pork fat
30 kg beefmeat (not frozen)
3,5 kg RED STAR Dry Binder
2 kg nitrite salt
800 gr standard salt
500 gr dextrose
300 gr PH Liquid Extract code 601 or 60148
150 gr Bufferphosphaat 60152
250 gr starter cultures
3 gr pepper
1 gr nutmeg


Application method for line production

  1. Fresh beef meat with 300 gr PH Liquid Extract code 601 or 60148 and 300 gr extra liquid added to the liquid for obtaining a bigger volume and 300 gr Bufferphosphaat together for minced meat (cutter system).
  2. All the rest as usually such as frozen pork fat, frozen pork meat, nitrine salt, dextrose, Lga ISOLAAT protein, pepper, nutmeg, startercultures and standard salt.
  3. Mince this mass to the right graintype for the type of salami, the same for the starttemperature for ripening and lowering the pH of the salami.
  4. Smoking, vacuümpacking and the salami is ready for selling.


This is the reaction from the first hour of the pH-evolution.

Gebufferde lijnproduktie voor salamiprodukten.

After 48 hours you have with this system a stabel pH of 5.2.
When the pH is higher then 5.2 you add 1 gram more PH Liquid Extract 601 or 60148 and you keep the same dosage for Bufferphosphaat.
When the pH is lower then 5.1 you add 1 tot maximum 2 grams Bufferphosphaat and you keep the same dosage of PH Liquid Extract 601 or 60148 which is 3 grams/kg.

Without PH Liquid Buffersystem and without Gela Pur C

With PH Liquid Buffersystem and with Gela Pur C


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