PH Liquid Extract and Bufferphosphate 60152
The basis of a large number of meat products.

Our products have been used for a period of 35 years in a number of manufacturing processes, especially those involving cooked shoulder ham and ham.
The interest in PH Liquid Extract as a buffer is still on the increase as a result of its unique characteristics in combination with bufferphosphate 60152, especially for heated products such as heated cutter meats and liver products.
PH Liquid Extract has also proved a success as a buffer for salami line products. When used together with starter cultures, it results in a rapid reduction in pH (down to 5.2 - 5.4 within 18 hours).

Over the last 35 years, the PH Liquid organization and its associated companies in the meat products industry have also developed a number of unique premixes, including the following:

  • Red Star Dry Binder 60150
    for line production of salami

  • Red Star Pickle Binder 60153
    for farmhouse ham products

  • Red Star Pickle Binder 60157
    for industrial line production of cooked ham

  • A range of gelatin products in blocks and granules to be used as a dipping agent for salami or as film
    protection against dehydratation

  • Premixed carrageens as additives to pickle for cooked ham
    products and cutterproducts: 0,3%

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