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PH Liquid Extract® buffering system code 60148 - 6014 - 601
PH Liquid Extract® is a concentrated, biologically balanced extract of organic seasonings, vitamins and flavourings in a carbohydrate base.
PH Liquid Extract® is used as a buffer for preparing meat products, particulary preserved meats (cooked ham, salami and salted products) and freshly slaughtered beef for export.
PH Liquid Extract® is prepared only with harmless natural products.
PH Liquid Extract® code 60148 - 6014 - 601 can be used legally all over the world for prepared meat and meat preparations.


PH Liquid Extract® ensures a stable and optimal pH cycle in meat.

This offers a great deal of advantages in the preparation of cured meat products :

  • no development of the micro-organisms which are hazardous to health;
  • optimal and stable colour;
  • reduced danger of rancidness (thanks to the reducing action of PH Liquid Extract®);
  • higher liquid-binding capacity
  • improved sliceability
  • constant quality in the production of meat products.


Form : liquid
Colour : golden yellow to yellowish brown
Shelf live : minimum of 5 years if stored at 5°C

Application and Quantities for Use

The PH Liquid Extract® buffering system can be used as pH regulator and stabiliser in most meat products, i.e. cured products (salami and related products, tinned ham, shrink-wrapped ham) and meat on the hook for export.
The usual proportion is 2 to 3 ml per kg of finished product. It is recommended that a preliminary test be carried out.

Three versions of PH Liquid Extract® are available :
codes 60148, 6014 and 601.

By way of example, we list a few of the common quantities for use :

  1. Brine soaked products : 1 l (60148) per 100 l of brine
  2. Brine injected products : 1,2 l (601 or 6014) per 100 l injected brine
  3. Salami products : 2 g (60148 or 601) per kg finished product
  4. Preserved foods etc. : 2 to 3 g (601 or 6014) per kg finished product
  5. Liver, cooked sausage products : 2 to 3 g (601 or 6014) per kg finished product
  6. Fresh beef and pork carcases : 1 or 2 protective films (6014) for export

Packing ans labelling

20, 30 and 60 l barrels.
Smaller quantities avalaible on request.
If required by local legislation the label will read "contains organic acids and vitamins" or E-numbers.

Cooked products: refrigiratort ° 0°C.
Salami products: dry room 14°C.

Buffer systems with PH Liquid Extract prolong the quality of:

  • cooked products with buffer pH 6: 80 à 100% prolonged quality.
  • salted products: 80 à 150 % prolonged quality.
  • fresh and prepared, not cooked products: 150 à 200 % prolonged quality.


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