The proved reality of PH Liquid's Quality

Chicken carcasses and meat: 7 days.
Beef: 30 days.
Pork: 14 days.
Minced meat: 14 days.
Is protected with buffersystem, stable pH of 4,5 outside meatfilm. With extract Vacuum Film Packing.
System with complete gaurantee by PH Liquid Extract 6014 Film System.


PH Liquid code 6014 Conservation of fresh carcasses,
beef, pork, mutton
fresh vacuüm packed meat,
fresh minced meat,
fresh sausages.

  1. You spray a film of PH Liquid code 6014:
    1kg for 1.000kg carcasses

    spray inside and outside the carcasses.
    temperature of PH Liquid for spraying on the carcasses:

    minimum: 50°C
    maximum: 60°C

    in this way, the PH Liquid is like liquid and you will have a better spray-film.

  2. Fresh minced meat, pork, beef, mutton and fat.

    1/2% PH Liquid code 6014/mass.
    Mix it before you add it to the cutter or mincer.

  3. Fresh beef carcasses for export

    It is generally known that PH Liquid Belgium N.V. was and still is leader in the world market with this preservation method dating from 1976. Thanks to its composition of natural organic acids, vitamins, sugar and flavour.

    1. The sugars provide a protective film.
    2. The organic acids reduce the pH to an appropriate extent.
    3. The aromatic substances provide flavour.

First patent dated November 5, 1976 number 848.076.
Improvement patent nr. 852.273 dated July 1, 1977.
Patent submitted on behalf of Food Chemicals nr. 872.658 dated December 11, 1978.
Germen patent applied for on March, 1977 P 271320.10.
E.E.C. patent applied for December 7, 1979 nr. 79.2007403.
Patent applied for in the United States nr. PV 0/102239 on December 11, 1978.


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