PH Liquid System

Bufferphosphaten® 60151 or 60152


Owing to the combined use of PH LIQUID® and Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 a buffer is formed which keeps the essential pH on its correct value even under unfavourable circumstances.

Together with PH LIQUID® which is an acid medium, the mildly alkaline Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 form a buffer of the described pH which maintains its pH very effectively and even under unfavourable circumstances.

The purpose of Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152

Apart from the above-mentioned buffer-action on the pH, the Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 also have a number of additional functions in meat-production.

These easily soluble phosphates also have a certain complexing action on calcium, magnesium and other cations. This means that when hard water is used, the latter is softened by the Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 without the inconvenience of precipitation which is often the case with other phosphates.

Due to its special structure which allows the formation of hydrogen-bridges the Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 has a very strong water-binding-capacity. This water is phisico-chemically bound and is therefore not inclined to liberate this water after a relatively short time, which is often the case with other phosphates. As a result of the water-binding capacities and the stability of the phosphate-combination also the saponification and rancidy of the fat are avoided.

Furthermore, these Bufferphosphate® 60151 or 60152 have a strong emulsion-capacity which causes the fat, which was liberated in the processing, to be firmly emulsified, thus providing much more stabile fat-water-emulsions which improves the water-retention considerably.

Package: 25 Kg or 50 Lbs paper bags on pallets.


  • Significantly increases yield and water binding during processing and freezing.
  • Prevents drip and moisture loss during shelf-life.
  • Stabilizes color, taste and appearance.
  • Increases tenderness and flavor during shelf-life.
  • Contributes to significant binding and homogenizing giving a good spread of fat and water.
  • Prevents nutritional loss during shelf-life.
  • Prevents glazing appearance during shelf-life.
  • Prevents microbial growth.

Kosher: Kosher and Hallal product.


Bufferphosphaten<SUP>®</SUP> 60151


Bufferphosphaten<SUP>®</SUP> 60152

For more information: bufferfosfaat®



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